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Best conversation I’ve ever had

Me and Julia

J: Mom, can I please have some juice? Because I’m so thirsty.
G: Sure honey, you asked so nicely.  Let’s get you some juice.
J: Thanks, Mom!  I just love you.
G: Oh, sweetie, I love you too.
J: Well, I love you more than that.
G: You do?
J: Yeah, ’cause I love you six.


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Mommy Loves You

One of our favorite bedtime songs/songs to comfort the kids. We’ve been singing this since Nora was an infant.

(Sung to the tune of Clementine.)


Mommy loves you,
Mommy loves you,
Mommy loves you, (little girl(s)/little boy(s)/child’s name)
You’re her precious baby darling(s),
Mommy loves you, (little girl(s)/little boy(s)/child’s name).

Daddy loves you,
Daddy loves you,
Daddy loves you, (little girl(s)/little boy(s)/child’s name)
You’re his precious baby darling(s),
Daddy loves you, (little girl(s)/little boy(s)/child’s name).

Grandma loves you…

Grandpa loves you…

Aunt X loves you…

Uncle X loves you…

Cousin X loves you…



The song can be as short as one or two verses or as long as you have people to sing about.

You can substitute proper relations for “baby darlings” if you want (e.g. “granddaughter,” “big sister,” “baby nephew,” etc.).

Also, whoever is singing generally changes “his/her baby darlings” to “my baby darlings” on the appropriate verse.

If you use it, drop us a line.  We’d love to hear of other families enjoying one of our favorite bonding things. =)

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Bloody Parades!

No, I haven’t gone Brit on you.  It’s a great analogy Gina used to explain to Nora what blood is and what it does.

Me, I would have said, “It goes through your whole body bringing food and air to all of your cells.”

Simple.  Direct.  Correct.  And BORING.

Gina answered Nora’s question with a story:

Imagine you are stuck in your house.  You can’t go anywhere.  How are you going to get the things you need?

What if there were a constant, ongoing parade down the middle of your street?  One that never stops?

And the cool thing about this parade is that in this parade are doctors, milk men, pizza delivery guys . . . in fact, everything you could need is being carried by your house (and everyone else’s) by someone in this parade.

So you go to the door and ask for some food and a person in the parade hands it to you.  If you get sick, a doctor or nurse walking by bring you medicine.  If someone attacks you, a policeman walking by defends you and protects you.

And what about our trash?  Well, we simply take it to the door and the friendly garbageman walking by takes it away.

That is what blood does for all the tiny cells in your body.  It brings everything they need and takes away stuff they don’t need anymore.

Personally, I thought this a fantastic analogy to help a child understand how blood functions in the body . . . and it give them a neat little picture in their head that can be used later as a basis for expanding a more scientific understanding of how blood works.

Nice work, hon.  Well done. =)

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Nora’s Birthday

Nora turned 5 the other day.  It’s hard to believe that she is growing up so fast.  It makes me feel old.

But I am happy that she is growing up.  The more she grows, the more she can be.  The more interesting she can be and the more she can do.

That’s what I want for my kids: that they become fun, competent, interesting, exciting, reliable, inventive, honorable, loyal, cool, daring, responsible, well-rounded people.

Sorta hard to be a people if you never grow up.

So that is what I want for them, regardless of the fact that it means I lose “my little girl” and may soon be unable to lift her off the ground and swing her around like I do now.

For now, I take all the opportunities I can get to experience that feeling.

Yesterday,  I played outside in the snow with them (even though the thought did not actually appeal to me) because I knew that this was a golden opportunity to share a moment with them.  Turns out I enjoyed it. ;-)

I cannot tell you the feelings I have when I hold my little girls and my little guy.  And I relish each chance I get to revel in their attentions.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.  Daddy loves you.

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This is hard for us.

We can be organized in many areas of our life, but, for some reason, homeschooling has eluded us.

Maybe it’s a lack of resolve.  Maybe we are lazy.  Maybe . . . something else.

Be that as it may, we need to get organized.

Anybody know of some good resources in this regard?

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