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New Book: The Talent Code

We’ve started reading The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

It looks good.  Sort of like Mindeset.

We’ll put up a review when we finish it.

Meanwhile, anybody out there have any thoughts about the contents of this book?

Or about some of the books with similar topics such as Talent is Overrated or Practice Made Perfect?


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Well, after more than three months away from the blog, we’re back.

In that time, we’ve moved into a new house and started homeschooling in a more official manner.  Also, Julia turned three just a few days ago.

We’ve begun teaching Nora with the Math-U-See (MUS) Primer to hone her math skills.  She is doing wonderfully.

She can:

  • do simply addition and subtraction problems in her head
  • handle units/hundreds/thousands both conceptually and in addition/subtraction problems
  • write simple equations on paper and solve them
  • create her own simple problems and solve them
  • build numbers and equations using the MUS manipulatives
  • etc.

Her reading is also coming along well.  She looks for things to read and sounds them out pretty well.  More importantly, she accepts correction easily and fixes her mistakes.

We are in the process of setting up our homeschool classroom.

This weekend we put up a giant (4’x6′ + two 4’x3′ wings) magnetic conference-room-style whiteboard made by Claridge.  We found on Craigslist for $200.  Apparently, they retail for between $1600 and $3500!  Quite a steal.  =)

We also have a student desk my sister gave us which Nora uses during class time.  (My mom has another desk we are going to procure one of these days so Julia can be like her sister. ;-)

Nora has become fascinated with bees and other insects.  Since our knowledge of such things was limited, we have shown her that the Internet can be used to look up all sorts of information to satisfy her curiosity.

We’re also going to make an ant farm for her to study how ants do their thing.  (Unfortunately [or maybe not!], keeping bees is explicitly prohibited by our HOA! Too funny. =)

Julia seems to have an interest in and gift for brainteasers (just like her Dad =).  She can already solve this puzzle from ThinkFun!.

What was really funny was when she showed her cousin how to do it.  (Remember, until a few days ago, Julia was only 2! ;-)

Next steps:

  • Get some racks and bins to put daily studies into (similar to this though not that system exactly)
  • Explore the new A2 (Accelerated Achievement) CD we just got to determine if we want to pursue these K-12 classical curricula

If you happen to have any experience with A2, please let us know what you think.

Thanks for coming by!

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