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At the end of my Audible.com version of Predictably Irrational, there was a plug for using audiobooks for children.

As an auditory learner myself, this sounded like a capital idea to me. ;-)

I researched Audible.com’s offerings and they have lots of fables and fairy tales . . . good stuff for kids of all ages.

The production values seem to be good but all-in-all it looked a bit expensive to build a decent library of the materials.

So off I went to Librivox.org and found a cornucopia of programs to listen to.

We downloaded the fables of Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop’s Fables, and some Japanese, American Indian, and English fairy tales as well.

Those plus some Greek tales of Perseus, Theseus, et al., loaded our MP3 player with more than a hundred tales and hours upon hours of listening enjoyment.

Now, since many of these were stories with which we are unfamiliar, we listen to them with our children so that we can talk about them afterward.

For instance, after Anderson’s tale of The Real Princess (aka The Princess and the Pea), we talked about how, long ago, princesses were supposed to be delicate and unable to fend for themselves. But, offering our girls a more uplifting message, we explained that today’s princesses can be strong and smart and independent; doing things for themselves and not having to rely upon others to do everything for them.

They understood perfectly. =)


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