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Following on the heels of our previous post concerning subjects of learning, here is a post by Trent over at The Simple Dollar about The Power of Transferrable Skills.



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Short Reading Update

Nora is doing great; on lesson 88 . . .

She understands what she reads and can answer questions.

She reads with inflection on the right word.

She handles dipthongs well.

She reading things spontaneously as we go about our daily lives and she’s writing things we didn’t know she knew (like her last name! ;-).

All in all . . . we’re very happy with her progress. =)

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…I learned more about teaching after I left the profession than when I was in it. My training was appalling!…

And that’s part of the problem we have with the school system: the quality of the teaching.

Between unions who care more about job security than helping kids and teachers who think their altruistic motives should count more than actual results, the quality we expect from the majority of schools[1] is not high. =(

Good info, mostly for folks staying within the school system.  I expect, I certainly hope, that we’ll make sure our kids don’t get bored tooooo much (;-) while still letting them be children. (more…)

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More questions from our friendly interlocutrix.


What made you decide to home school?

Our decision to homeschool came in stages.

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In addition to posting my list of “Things I want My Children to Learn” here on the blog, I also sent it to a special group of people I know.

From that mailing, I received many great suggestions, lots of encouragement, and thought-provoking answers.

One in particular is the subject of this post…..


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