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I know lots of things.  So does Gina.  But we know our experience and expertise are limited so we understand a list like this is necessarily incomplete.  Care to help us out?

Take a look . . . let me know what we are missing.

(in no particular order)

Academic Subjects


  • How to learn
    • How to Look
    • How to See
  • How to self-teach
  • How to teach


  • Through calculus
  • Math application in daily life
  • Speedy mental calculation (without a calculator)
    • Math tips, tricks, and shortcuts
  • Statistics
    • Use and misuse



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Catching Up . . .

Well, Nora is doing well on her reading lessons. Mom and Dad are learning almost as much about what it takes to educate a young child.

(How much easier would all of this be if she were just 15 already and we could focus on adding to knowledge rather than building a foundation?)

She has gotten to the point that she gets upset if we don’t do the lesson, which we took as a good thing™. ;-)

Right now, she is on Lesson 73 and is reading things she sees around the house and around town. This morning she was reading the ads on the shopping cart as we travelled around the grocery store.

So far, we’ve come to realize that homeschooling isn’t nearly as hard as we thought. It’s been mostly a matter of deciding and doing. Once you pass that hurdle, the rest is just execution.

So . . . how’s that execution working out for ya?

Yeah yeah yeah . . . I know. We’ve only done reading so far and we’re not even finished with that. Lots more to cover over a much longer time, you say. That’s true.

I’m not saying there won’t be hard parts – that we’ll sail through and never even notice that we’re homeschooling from here out. I know things will come up that we don’t anticipate and that we aren’t prepared for.

So what?

Hell, if that was my threshold for deciding whether or not I’d do something, I’d never do a damn thing.

Instead, we took the plunge and here we are. Got a four year old who can all but read and a two year old who will likely outpace her sister by six months to a year.

And we’re making our plans for curricula and subjects, for sports, music, art, socializing, etc. When we miss something, we’ll improvise and move ahead. Who would do anything else?


Speaking of subjects, we’re closing in on a math curriculum. Right now Math-U-See is the frontrunner.

We really like the presentation. The DVD lessons, combined with manipulatives, teach the concepts and present the material well. It offers something for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Gina is great at math and science . . . taught up through calculus, physics, chemistry, etc. . . . but she feels a bit anxious when trying to teach some basic concepts. Given this, we feel that this course will offer our kids good instruction (at a fair price, too).

As soon as reading is in the bag, math we see is next.

Now we’re looking into grammar, language, etc. Anybody have some experience they’d like to share on what works for them?

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