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The New Year

Nora’s reading is progressing apace.

We’re twenty lessons into Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Nora is starting to read words spontaneously outside of the lessons. She’s transferring the phonics and using context to read things like the name of the sports team on a jersey or a word from a title of a book.

She’s also showed more interest in reading the books we “read” together during the day or at night getting ready for bed.

Julia is learning everything we can throw at her. Colors, numbers, etc. She’s gotten really good at puzzles and put together a 24-piece puzzle she’d never seen before in about 4 minutes. You may not care but we thought it pretty good. ;-)

On another note, we are investigating Coram Deo Academy in North Texas.

They have a “Coram Deo @ Home” program which helps homeschoolers. It provides the curriculum and assistance as necessary with lessons or other issues.

We still haven’t decided if we want to follow that route . . . but it might be just the thing we need to get out feet wet in full homeschooling.

(Not to mention that it would be much easier to sell to our relatives who will likely freak out once we tell them of our decision to homeschool.)


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